Arsenal Military Academy - 烈火军校

Status: Ended
Genre: Romance
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie Arsenal Military Academy - 烈火军校:​ Xie Xiang joins the army in her brother's stead by pretending to be a man. She becomes classmates with the wealthy Gu Yan Zhen and the calm Shen Jun Shan. Through their rigorous training, the three form a bond to become comrades, all while Xie Xiang tries to keep her cover. After many incidents, Xie Xiang earns the respect of her peers and superiors. She also becomes the object of affections of the two men in her lives. The Japanese military stations more forces in the Northeast region causing the young heroes to engage in battle as they uncover a big conspiracy.    善良正义的少女谢襄代兄从军,女扮男装进入烈火军校学习,与玩世不恭的富家子顾燕帧和冷静沉稳的沈君山成为同学并渐渐发展为并肩作战的战友。在军校严格残酷的训练机制下,谢襄不但要努力掩饰自己女扮男装的秘密,还要克服自己作为女性在军校生活中的种种的不便,更重要的,是要战胜自己柔弱的体质,努力完成军校所有的训练,顺利毕业。在此过程中,谢襄和同窗好友们经历了一系列重大事件,也引发了一系列啼笑皆非的故事。最终,谢襄通过自己的不懈努力不但取得了出色的成绩,还赢得了教官的尊重,同时,也俘虏了两位优秀男同学的心。之后,日本军队增兵顺远,爱慕沈君山的织田显蓉化身日本商会会长从海外归来,一系列的阴谋和陷阱随之而来。谢襄在同学们的帮助下与日本人做斗争,在血雨腥风中逐渐成长,粉碎了织田显蓉的阴谋,并最终和顾燕帧走到了一起。.​


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