River Flows To You - 流淌的美好時光

Status: Ended
Genre: Romance
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie River Flows To You - 流淌的美好時光:​ Qi Ming and Yi Yao are neighbours who live in the same alley. As an older brother, Qi Ming is always helping and protecting Yi Yao. Qi Ming plants a tree for Yi Yao, in the backyard of the alley, and wishes that he’s able to give Yi Yao her dream family and the warmth that she wants. As time passes, Qi Ming helps Yi Yao through a misdiagnosed illness, emergency operation and various obstacles, but what could not be prevented was the troubles of love and entering the workforce. After graduating collage and moving out of the alley, Qi Ming and Yi Yao finally overcame all odds and got together. But the two had no choice but to break up again due to their careers. Youth is beautiful, but it also has regrets, Qi Ming, Yi Yao, Shen Xi, Shen Xiang, each of them chased their dreams and came to their own realisation, everyone worked hard to lead a better life.    齐铭和易遥是住在一条弄堂里的邻居。齐铭作为哥哥,一直帮助和保护着易遥。齐铭在弄堂的后院为易遥种下一棵树,许愿将来能给易遥一个理想中的家,给易遥温暖。随着岁月变迁,齐铭帮着易遥渡过了误判病情、手术救急等风波,也不可避免的迎来了爱情的烦恼和职场的困惑。大学毕业和弄堂拆迁搬家之际,齐铭、易遥终于突破心防走到一起。职场浮沉又令二人不得不选择分开。青春有美好,也有遗憾,齐铭、易遥、森西、森湘,各自追逐自己的青春梦想,也都得到各自成长的体悟,大家努力过上更好的生活。.​


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