The Eyas - 飞行少年

Status: Ended
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie The Eyas - 飞行少年:​ A group of boys and girls, who have undergone rigorous choices, have entered a flight school preparatory class that is different from their peers. On the basis of excellent completion of the study of the culture class, it has experienced the rough and tempered and bears the responsibility and pressure that the peers can not perceive. Start with the basics of flying and study the knowledge and skills of flying. After completing the physical experience, they also completed the reshaping of the soul, enhanced the awareness of national defence and the belief in resolutely defending the airspace of the motherland.    青春的拼搏与汗水,只为翱翔蓝天的空军梦!他们,是飞行少年,是真正的天之骄子!该剧以“空军青少年航空学校”的创立作为背景,讲述了国家培育军事航空领域新型飞行人才的故事。剧中的少男少女们,经历了严苛的选拔,迈入了与同龄人不一样的飞行学院预科班。在出色完成文化课学习的基础上,历经坎坷与磨砺,承受着同龄人完全无法感知的责任与压力。他们努力学习着飞行的知识与技巧。在完成对身体的历练后,也完成了对灵魂的重塑,增强了国防意识与坚决保卫祖国领空的信念。.​


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