The Gravity Of A Rainbow - 彩虹的重力

Status: Now Showing
Genre: Romance
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie The Gravity Of A Rainbow - 彩虹的重力:​ A story about three modern-day women who make different decisions, how it affects them in the workplace and changes their friendship and how they find love.   Persistent in searching for her soulmate, He Cai Hong falls for the all-around professor Ji Huang whom she shares similar interests with. Cai Hong's mom does not approve of her daughter's choice because she has her sights set on the millionaire Su Dong Lin to become her future son-in-law.   As Xia Feng finds himself out of the job, Cai Hong tires to help Han Qing out. Yet through some mistake, Han Qing lands a position at her husband Xia Feng's old company and turns out to be excellent at her new job. In doing so, she becomes a stiff competitor for Cai Hong's other bestie Lili and it puts a strain in the three ladies' friendship.   As Cai Hong sees the choices that the people around her have made, she also makes her own decision that eventually earns the support of her family and friends.  一心一意要寻找“灵魂伴侣”的何彩虹爱上了志趣相投、博学、浪漫、冷傲的全能青年教授季篁。可她的母亲李明珠却坚决反对,认定理想的女婿是彩虹的富二代死党苏东霖。伴随夏丰的失业,闺蜜韩清在彩虹的帮助下阴差阳错地进入了夏丰原先所在的公司,并被老板重用,成为彩虹另一闺蜜莉莉的工作劲敌,三人友情受到挑战。彩虹得知自己养女身世后,在养母的意志与真爱之间艰难行进。当她看到韩清为了爱情的隐忍和努力以及莉莉为了事业而违背自己内心情感的举动,彩虹最终做出了自己的选择....​


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