No Way For Stumer - 伪钞者之末路

Status: Ended
Genre: Crime
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie No Way For Stumer - 伪钞者之末路:​ Branching out from the usual law enforcement themes is a Chinese drama that follows a team of investigators who make equally huge sacrifices in their mission to put a stop to counterfeit money.  Upon discovering 'superior' fake bills that cannot be detected by money scanners, police captain Qi Tian leads his subordinates Xiang Bei and Wei Xian Yu in cracking the case. Xiang Bei's brother-in-law Tang Song who happens to be at the scene is tempted by the potential for unimaginable wealth and gets into the business of producing counterfeits. As the police determine that there is more than one source of counterfeit money, a specialized team is formed to track down every culprit.  离山市发现可以通过验钞机的“超级伪钞”,刑警队长齐天带领麾下两员干将小魏和湘北侦破此案。小魏和湘北初战告捷,将伪钞团伙的重要人物胡正浩一举抓获。抓获胡正浩时,湘北的姐夫唐宋碰巧在场。巨额的现金让拮据已久的唐宋怦然心动。唐宋觉得自己有能力印出更好的伪钞,他悄悄拟定了印制伪钞的计划,从此踏上不归路。警方周密布置,接连出击,攻破伪钞团伙的巢穴。伪钞团伙的核心人物胡正熙被迫逃往境外。眼看猖獗一时的伪钞团伙已遭受重大打击,濒临灭亡,但市面上的伪钞却没有绝迹,反而爆出了更大金额的案件。警方判断本地涉足伪钞犯罪的团伙不止一个,遂成立专案组,搜寻犯罪分子的踪迹。专案组循着罪犯的蛛丝马迹,将一个个犯罪分子逼出水面。可这些犯罪分子,有的在被捕前离奇身死,有的人间蒸发杳无踪迹。.​


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