The Legendary Tavern - 老酒馆

Status: Ended
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie The Legendary Tavern - 老酒馆:​ Set during the Republican era, the story follows Chen Huaihai, the owner of an old Shandong tavern as he strives to make a living in Dalian.   Chen Huaihai (Chen Guoqiang) used to dig for ginseng in the deep woods of Dongbei. He experiences a big blow when his children are separated and his wife leaves him. Left with no choice, he moves to Dalian which was under Japanese colonial rule at the time to open up a tavern.   The tavern becomes a place of information where people from all walks of life convene. As a man with strong morals, Chen Huaihai does what he can to protect his countrymen from the Japanese. He becomes acquainted with Gu Sanmei (Qin Hailu) who turns the tavern into a communications station for the Communist party. Under her influence, Chen Huaihai and his family play a part in the anti-occupation efforts.   1928年到1946年的东北,“闯关东”来东北的小人物陈怀海,在东北深山老林里挖参讨生活,却意外地遭受了一双儿女失散,媳妇被骗走的磨难,只好来到日本殖民统治下的大连开酒馆谋生计。老酒馆由此成了八方信息、各色人等汇聚的舞台。仁义坚韧,嫉恶如仇的陈怀海利用这个舞台,保护了杀日本宪兵的“老北风”,劝说了东北军马旅长重回抗日战场、痛斥了粉饰伪满洲国的满清遗老,与日本浪人决斗,为中国人撑腰提气。中共地下党组织派谷三妹打进老酒馆,把这里变成了党的地下交通站。在谷三妹的影响下,陈怀海的女儿小棉袄成了抗日交通员。大连解放前夕,陈怀海帮谷三妹粉碎了日寇破坏城市的计划。他们共同迎来了大连解放,也收获了真挚的爱情。 .​


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