When We Are Together - 遇见幸福

Status: Ended
Release date: 2019
Dubs: Mandarin

The movie When We Are Together - 遇见幸福:​ A story that follows the romance, friendships and familial relationships of three old friends.   Zhen Kaifang (Jiang Xin), Xiao Qing (Liu Zi) and Ouyang Yanyan (Guo Jingfei) were all born in 1978. Because their fathers were good friends, they've also been friends since they were young. However, things tend to change with the passage of time. Their reunion more than 30 years later felt strange and unfamiliar but as their fathers arrived, the three began to reconnect.    At this time, Zhen Kaifang is an unemployed single-mom who's been divorced once. Xiao Qing experiences a new battlefield in dealing with her daughter who has just started university. Ouyang Yanyan who was supposed to be the one who had it all figured out suddenly quits her job to the surprise of her family. As they face different problems in their adult life, they turn to each other for comfort and find renewed hope towards the future.   出生于1978年的甄开放、萧晴、欧阳严严,小时候由于父亲们的相互交好而成为好朋友,然而时光荏苒,三十多年后的再聚竟如此陌生。之后,随着父亲们的到来,三位儿时的伙伴重新有了更多联系。此时,甄开放离婚又失业,成了单身妈妈;萧晴与刚读大学的女儿面临着前所未有的“战争”。人生赢家欧阳严严却突然辞职,给家庭带来了莫大冲击。三个面临婚姻、教育、事业问题的儿时玩伴,面对突如其来的中年危机,他们选择彼此温暖和依靠,寻找人生的突破——欧阳严严开启了新的职业生涯,萧晴发现女儿已为她撑起了一片天,而甄开放也找寻到了爱情的归宿。在城市的喧嚣中,三个中年人终于找回了久违的初心,重拾对美好生活的信念及希望。.​


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